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9 Ways to Treat Sore Throat

Do you know what causes sore throat? Strep throat or pharyngitis is actually an effect of other diseases such as flu or fever. The disease causes swelling in the back of the throat and is referred to as the pharynx.

Sore throat is indeed a very common disease experienced by various groups, both young children and adults and the elderly. But usually children aged 5 to 15 years most often experience strep throat. Pharyngitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection called streptococcus. Symptoms of strep throat are usually very easily recognized, for example there is a lump in the throat and it is difficult to swallow food.

Sore throat is also usually accompanied by a mild fever and headache. When strep throat gets worse, sufferers will usually experience joint pain and feel feverish. For strep throat that comes with the flu, symptoms that often appear are clean, coughing, and mild headaches. Some people will also experience a decreased appetite and swollen tonsils.

Usually, this sore throat will heal by itself when inflammation in the throat constricts. But if up to one week there is no sign of the condition of the throat improving, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Some other signs of strep throat are quite severe is difficulty breathing and there is blood in the saliva. Then in very severe conditions, the fever will reach 39 degrees Celsius with the appearance of a lump in the neck area.

Besides visiting a doctor, there are also some strep throat medications that you can try at home like the following:

1. Salt water

The first sore throat remedy is salt water. Yes, you just dissolve salt into a glass of water then use it to rinse. This salt water works to kill bacteria that cause inflammation. But remember not to swallow this salt water, yes.

2. Honey Lemon Tea

This natural remedy for strep throat can also be easily obtained at home, right? You only need to brew lemon tea with honey which can help clear mucus in the throat. While the content of vitamin C in the lemon is useful to maximize the body's immunity so that it can fight the viruses that cause strep throat more easily.

3. Turmeric Milk

Hearing this natural remedy you might feel strange, yes. But believe that a glass of warm milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder is very efficacious for treating sore throat. In turmeric contained substances that can reduce inflammation in the throat so that it can relieve aches and pains.

4. Raw Garlic

One natural remedy that is also very effective in treating strep throat is raw garlic. You can chew a garlic several times a day. Garlic has antibiotic content that can help cure sore throat.

Now, in addition to taking a remedy for strep throat, you also need to pay close attention to what foods and drinks are consumed. Because these foods and drinks pass through the throat so that it plays an important role to help heal inflammation.

5. Water

It is very important to consume water as long as your throat is inflamed. This water serves to clear mucus, relieve pain, and maintain moisture in the throat so that you will heal faster. You can consume warm water to help reduce pain in the throat.

6. Banana

For those of you who want to eat fruit during strep throat, bananas are the best choice. Because bananas contain potassium and potassium which is good for health. Not only that, bananas have a soft texture that feels easy to be cut in the throat that is experiencing inflammation. Bananas can also be processed by steaming or baking, but don't fry them because the oil will make sore throat worse.

7. Processed Eggs

Eggs may be one of the favorite preparations at home. You can cook eggs into soft scrambled eggs with a mixture of butter. This soft egg will be easily eaten and does not feel lumps in the throat. Eggs are also rich in protein which is good for health and can help speed healing due to strep throat.

8. Saute Vegetables

If you are strep throat, you should avoid foods that are too high in oil such as fried foods. But multiply vegetables that are cooked with the right process. Stir-fried vegetables is one of the best menus because vegetables are cooked not too long so that the nutritional content is still very awake. Some types of vegetables that are suitable to be stir-fried are carrots, beans, cabbage, long beans, and potatoes.

9. Peppermint Tea

During strep throat, avoid consumption of carbonated drinks as much as possible. If you want something refreshing, you can try peppermint tea. The distinctive taste of tea combined with the cold and minty sensation of peppermint can help soothe the throat. This drink may be consumed in cold or hot conditions.

From now on, try to maintain your health condition by taking into account your lifestyle and dietary intake. Immediately consult a doctor and take medication regularly.

Source: ONO Health


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