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How to Store Chili So It Does Not Easily Rotten

Chili is relatively easy to rot, compared to other herbs. The problem again, chili prices fluctuate. Decay chili when the price is expensive, automatically makes a bad mood. There are ways to store chili so that it can last for up to three months, as follows:

1. Don't wash the chili if you want to save it

Separate the fresh chili from the chilies that have been rotten. In addition, in order to last longer when stored, chili should not be washed first. Do not wash because the moisture content will accelerate the moisture which causes easy rot, put it in a plastic container with a paper coated and tightly closed.

2. Store the chili in the refrigerator

Chillies if stored in the refrigerator can be five to six days, if stored at room temperature, chili only lasts about two days. However, it could be less than two days if the humidity in the room is relatively high.

3. Wrap the chili and put garlic

How to store chili in the refrigerator is to use an airtight container. Previously, do not wash the chili and do not pick the stems.
Cover in a container with dry tissue, put one fresh garlic grain, then put chili. This method can make chilies last for up to three months. Tissues are advised to be diligently replaced.

4. Don't put chili in close proximity to other products in the refrigerator

When storing chilies in the refrigerator, do not just put them next to other products. Stefu suggested not to store chili peppers close to dairy products, such as milk, eggs, and cheese. Because the product will absorb the aroma of chili so that the aroma of chili will stick strongly.

Keep chili not close to other fresh vegetables. If the chili is damaged and close to other vegetables, it can damage or affect the aroma of other vegetables.

5. How to pick chili, if you have your own plants at home

If you have your own chili plants try to pick them in the morning. Because morning is the best time to pick. Fruit weight is still optimal in the morning. The goal is that the fruit picked is not contaminated by spoilage organisms.

A good way to pluck is by twisting the chili stalk. Do this carefully so that branches or branches are not broken. Picked chili stems will be more durable stored than those harvested without including the stalks.

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