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4 Best Photo Editing Software for PC

In the current era in the world of photography is growing with time. It is undeniable that the current development of photography is not just a mere photo.

With the current technological developments, a photographer is also expected to have editing capabilities. Because with these capabilities can make your photos more beautiful and interesting than the original photo.

Only with the Application you can change photos that are not good to be better. The use of this application is not only used by photographers, but anyone including you can also use it.

Here is the best photo editing application for PC or laptop that you need to know and you must try.

1. Photoshop

Application from Adobe Inc. This is a photo editing application that is often used by most people. In this application you can change or manipulate your photos to be more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Photoshop is known for its ease of operation and also the appearance of this user friendly Photoshop application. So it's no wonder that many use Photoshop to edit their photos.

2. Lightroom

For this application more or less the same as Photoshop. This application was also developed by Adobe Systems. Not a few people who use this application, including professional editors to edit photos to be more colorful and attractive.

Unlike photoshop that can do various things, for this one application it is specialized for editing photos. In addition to custom colors such as saturation, brightness, shadow, you can also unify all image files into one folder that can be edited directly in the main menu.

The main features of this Lighroom application, namely Lut. Which of these features can help you color photos easily and quickly.

3. Paintshop Pro

In addition you can also edit your photos to be more interesting with the Paintshop Pro application. With this application you can easily and quickly edit your photos. Moreover, this application can be said to include applications that will become rivals from Adobe's output products namely Photoshop and Lightroom.

Paintshop Pro is also equipped with features that are quite complete, such as Edit, Crop, Resize, Shapen, and many other features. And this application is just as interesting as Adobe's application.

4. Photo Pos Editor

Maybe some of you are still not familiar with this application. As the name implies, this application is a photo editing application that is Powerful and User Friendly.

The uniqueness of the Photo Post Editor application, which is the Easy Remove Unwanted Objects feature. Which feature is used to eliminate an unwanted object.

In addition there are many features that you can use such as Frame & Collages, Edit, Crop, Resize, and others.

Source : ONO Tekno

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